Albert Ganduxe | Senior Partner-Director

Marc Garreta | Senior Partner-Director

Joan Brugues | Senior Partner-Director

CS Yong | Head of China Office

Helen Yang | Senior Project Manager

Our expert team of professionals with extensive experience in international business, executive and financial management of multinational companies and project management, lead a fast growing group of 20 employees.

Albert Ganduxe, former Executive Director of a multinational company across 80 countries, with 20 years experience in executive company management and Marc Garreta, former Executive Director in China of a multinational of the food industry, with 15 years experience in the Far East market both decided to create G China Investment Co. Ltd in order to invest and participate in a variety of projects in and around China.

In January 2009, Joan Brugues, with 5 years experience in leadership and management of projects in China, joined us as a partner.

CS Yong, experienced former Executive and Financial Director of a multinational company in China and Helen Yang, who gained experience in industrial companies in the Chinese market, both constitute pillars of our team.