G China Investment Co. Ltd is a company dedicated to the development and management of projects and investments operating in China and Southeast Asia. With more than 15 years experience in management and project implementation in the Chinese market, G China Investment Co. Ltd offers itself as a partner and manager for your projects and investments in these markets.

We operate out of our officies in Hong Kong and Shenzhen (People’s Republic of China) and we participate as investors and managers of industrial and commercial projects providing our know-how and experience in the market. We are a team of professionals who know the area and understand the local needs, including commercial practice and international management.

Our experience as executives in multinational companies, developing and managing projects in Asia, enables us to transmit our knowledge to new challenges and projects. We provide our experience in the form of commercial networks, the implementation of industrial projects, project management and administrative and financial corporate management. We take part in the project as partners, sharing the risks and profits. If your company has innovative and creative projects you wish to implant in the Asian markets G China Investment Co. Ltd is the partner and manager you require to define and enforce the strategy, implementation and control of your business in and around China.


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